Day 49: An Empty Canvas Staring at an empty page of my journal and telling myself.. this right here is an empty canvas, which holds endless possibilities. Else I seem to reach for my journal when my thoughts are buffering, mostly end up writing on how I will improve on certain things about myself.. TheseContinue reading “#100daysofProductivity”


Day 48: why hostel life is fun?! I understood the meaning of sisterhood while staying in hostel. Even though my parents insist that hostel fee was wasted as I ate out often and there were no commendable results with respect to my studies:P I understand their point of view of course but the fun timesContinue reading “#100daysofProductivity”


Day 47: Present is the best time to do anything that’s on your mind right? Because that “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse never works out! I’ve been wanting to go for therapy since time immemorial(exaggeration?! Not really) I like the idea of therapy. The idea that someone will provide tools to help manage your mind,Continue reading “#100daysofProductivity”


Day 46: Journaling is quite therapeutic. Dumping all of those jumbled thoughts onto pages after pages, which captures several emotions as most of them are not expressed. I would like to blame this on introverted life.. but it is what it is! Flipping through the pages of my previous journal.. I was amazed at theContinue reading “#100daysofProductivity”


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Hi, I’m Chaithra. Currently working as a software engineer. This blog is still a work in progress:) where I write about my day and random thoughts!

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